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Survey on 'What makes you adore Leslie Cheung'

Professor Natalia Chan is in the midst of writing a book about Leslie entitled 'Forbidden Colors of Butterfly: The Artistic Image of Leslie Cheung'. This book will be released on the fifth anniversary of Leslie's passing on 1st April, 2008. In one of the chapters, Leslie's influence will be explored. This will cover the question on why people of different races have become his fans and why some of them still hold a lasting affection for him for over two decades. Through this questionnaire, Prof Chan hopes to collate the opinions of world-wide fans so as to draw an analysis on the various reasons why they have become fond of him.

To ensure a justifiable study is being made, each fan is advised to submit one questionnaire only.
The deadline of submission is 30th April, 2007.

Part One (Required to answer this part)

Part Two

You may choose to answer any of the following questions. You are required to submit a separate answer to each question. Prof Chan will be conducting an analytical study on the answers written in Chinese and English, as well as the translation of the answers submitted in Japanese and Korean.

Could you state the reasons why you have become fond of Leslie?

What are your opinions towards Leslie's performances?

What are your views on the approach of Hong Kong media when reporting on Leslie while he was alive?

What are the impacts on you pertaining to Leslie's demise on 1st April, 2003?

Have you ever attended the yearly memorial events on 1st April or the yearly commemorative events on 12th September? Please also state where and why.

Ever since you have become a Leslie fan, has there been any change to your life and your personal insight into life? Why?